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The Legendary Steve Fossett

Somewhere out in the wonderful, wild and unknown parts of our universal there is a legend. His name is Steve Fossett. He is an explorer in search of a place where no one has ventured and few will ever glimpse. He is a person whose quest leads him to push the limits of man and do things thought unachievable. He is the spirit of adventure. He dares to dream the loftiest dreams and makes his reality his own. He believes in the impossible and makes the impossible a reality. His existence inspires others and gives them the hope to one day make their dreams realities. He is a state of mind, a seeker, a searcher, a doer, a maker, a shaker, a dreamer and most of all he is my hero.

I want to say thank you to Steve, for giving all of us a place to dream and see beyond ourselves and the limitations around us. You have inspired me in ways that you will never know and I would like to express my gratitude with this video of my 1000th skydive. Your spirit and zest for life, lives on in all of us.
Thank you for your precious gift,

My 1000th Skydive!

Thank's go out to the person who took this wonderful photo of Steve.

FoxForce4 - Skydive at your own risk - gravity works