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1:07 AM 5/03/2005  |  Well I guess the waiter blew away before anyone could place an order. Some one use the force for the next meet. Jump the next meet, we will. hmmm...?

1:30 AM 4/21/2005  |  The excitement builds as the Foxes spend the week before their first meet prepping gear. Wow that jump suit needs a good dousing and we must make time to hit the grocery store for those dz munchies. Donít forget the water gear for sunset beach load. Oh, it is going to be a fantastic weekend if only the weather gods come through. Someone quick place a good order before the waiter gets away. Well either way it will be a great weekend foxing it up with the girls.

2/21/2005  |  So the question everyone wants to know is what's up with the Foxes for 2005? Well the only accurate answer is time will tell. As we enter yet another season with out a dedicated 4th it's hard to not be hopeful. The bonds that hold us together grow ever stronger and the smiles won't leave our faces. Yep...itís going to be another great year no matter what form the team takes. The foxes just can't help being well...Foxy.

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