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The sky has been gray over the fox den as we mourn the loss of our dear friend James. He lived life to the fullest in everything he did. He put up a strong fight until the end despite the odds he faced. He will be severely missed by so many for all the wonderful things that he brought to our lives. He blessed us with smiles, laughter, humor, a friendly attitude, stubbornness, a sensitive personality, teddy bear heart and all the other pedals that made up the flower of his personality. The essence of all these special traits that made James who he was will linger and always remind us of how he touched our lives. He will always live in our hearts and memories. We love you James and are happy that you are in a better place. Bloom on.

Here is a link to the web site which is a tribute to James. http://www.hookturn.com

Encouraging words from our own Purple P.

I just wanted to send you all something to remind you of the love that James had for life and the way that he brightened up our days, rainy or otherwise.

James touched our lives with his spirited zest for life and his huge heart and will live on with us through our wonderful memories of him.

I know that this is hard for all of us but we have become stronger as a family through this and will continue to support each other with every passing day.

I am amazed at the strength we have shown this week as James fought to allow those that needed the time, to say goodbye.

The song by Cirque Du Soleil, reminds me that we cant always hold on to those we love, no matter how hard we try.

with love Portia

Artist : Cirque Du Soleil
Song : Let Me Fall
Album : Quidam

Let me fall,
Let me climb,
Thereís a moment when fear and dreams must collide.

Someone I am is waiting for courage,
The one I want,
The one I will become will catch me.

So, let me fall,
If I must fall,
I wonít heed your warnings,
I wonít hear them.

All I ask,
All I need,
Let me open whichever door I might open.

Let me fall,
And if I fall,
All the feelings may or may not die.

I will dance so freely,
Holding onto to no one,
You can hold me only if you too will fall,
Away from all,
These useless fears and chains.

Someone I am is waiting for my courage,
The one I want,
The one will become will catch me.

So let me fall,
If I must fall,
I wonít heed your warnings,
I wonít hear.

Let me fall,
And if I fall,
Thereís no reason to miss this one chance,
This perfect moment,
Just let me fall.

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