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Name: Laura Kraus
Position: Point
First jump: Tandem at Skydive Delmarva August, 1998. It took me 3 years to get through AFF because of commitments to other hobbies. I actually sat through Spanky's AFF level 1 training 3 times.
Total jumps: 340
Cutaways: 0
Hometown: I grew up in Gaithersburg but live in Bethesda, MD
Occupation: Network Administrator
Hobbies: Flying, Technical SCUBA Diving, White water kayaking, in-line skating and keeping potted plants.
Life philosophy: If you spend half the time with your foot in your mouth you might as well wear flavored shoes.
Jump philosophy: Have fun and if it turns into a cluster, just enjoy the sunset.
Memorable skydive: Every jump has something special to remember but the one that stands out is Elle's 600th with Matt, Scooter and me. It was all grins the whole way down.
Explain yourself in 6 words or less: Open book read between the lines
Pet peeves: Making fun of people for things they can't change but everything else is game.
Favorite color: Blue


Name: Portia Hill (P.j)
Position: Inside Center (Captain)
First jump: June 2000 A tandem bought for me by my ex husband as an anniversary gift (it went downhill from there..)
Total jumps: 388
Cutaways: 2
Hometown: Originally: Gloucestershire, England Now: Wilmington NC
Occupation: Massage Therapist
Hobbies: Anything with a high grin factor (motorcycles, traveling, causing trouble
Life philosophy: The cup is half full!
Jump philosophy: It’s all about big eyes, grins and learning something every time
Memorable skydive: All of them, on so many different levels.
Explain yourself in 5 words or less: smiling, singing, laughing purple hippie.
Pet peeves: lateness, the amount of calories in a bar of chocolate.
Favorite color: Purple, (the colour of Cadbury’s chocolate wrappers.)


Name: Rhonda Roper
Position: Outside Center
First jump: June, 1996
Total jumps: 800
Cutaways: 1
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Occupation: Computer Programmer
Hobbies: Other than Skydiving... Flying, Volleyball, Tennis
Life philosophy: You were given this life. Make the right decisions and be strong.
Jump philosophy: Be safe.
Memorable skydive: Completing a 54-way at Quincy when I only had about 200 jumps
Explain yourself in 5 words or less: Honest, Religious, Out-going, Easily bored
Pet peeves: TV Commercials
Favorite color: Red


Name: Pam Riggs
Position: Tail
First jump: Tandem, 1993. Started student progression in 1995.
Total jumps: 1300 +
Cutaways: 1, reserve rides: 2
Hometown: Born Tulsa, OK, lived: Texas, West Viginia, Delaware. Been in Raleigh since 1985.
Occupation: Office Administrator, Office Manager
Hobbies: Weather, wishing I had time and money to have hobbies other than skydiving.
Life philosophy: Give love and hugs freely... as if it is the last day you have to do so. Know that "surrender" is *not* a negative word.
Jump philosophy: Never stop learning, always keep your eyes and mind open, make every skydive a tracking contest at break-off.
Memorable skydive: 30th Birthday surprise 30-Way. Really. I thought it was a 6-way, and 24 people followed us out and docked! I had 150 jumps! That was a big deal way back then.
Explain yourself in 5 words or less: I wouldn't dare try.
Pet peeves: I don't have pet peeves, I have pet cats and a bird.
Favorite color: Is "beer" a color?
Other 4-way teams: Married People Rock, Classic Rookie Mistake, CSS4
Other Postitions flown: Point


Name: Chad Wilcox
Position: Cameraman
First jump:
Total jumps:
Life philosophy:
Jump philosophy:
Memorable skydive:
Explain yourself in 5 words or less:
Pet peeves:
Favorite color:


Name: Todd Hoover
Position: Team Coach
First jump:
Total jumps:
Hobbies: Trouble no doubt
Life philosophy:
Jump philosophy:
Memorable skydive:
Explain yourself in 5 words or less:
Pet peeves:
Favorite color:

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